The dive process

The dive process

Every company does things a little differently but this is the process we have in place to make your diving as comfortable and convenient as possible.

1. Booking

Your Booking is starting the dive process. Book your course, fun dives or day trips with us online or in store. We dive every day, you can choose which dates you would like during the booking process.

If you paid a deposit online, you can settle the final cost by bank transfer, cash or card (for free – we do not charge the common 3% card fee).

2. Materials & planning

After booking we will contact you within 1-2 working days (depending on time zone differences). We’ll send you any paperwork and course materials you need so you can begin studying or planning your diving.

3. Arriving

Pass by the office at Klong Prao Beach to check-in, do your paperwork, try equipment, and arrange your pickup for dive days (pickup and drop off to your hotel is free).

Pickups start at 6.30am but we’ll tell you a more exact time when you let us know which hotel you are staying at. If you’re staying in Kai Bae, Klong Prao, Chai Chet or Whitesand Beach, our shop and boat location is very convenient.

The boat leaves at approximately 8:30am every morning in high season.

4. Diving

We have a free lunch on the boat every day either after the 1st or 2nd dive depending on how many we’re doing on the day. We also have free soft drinks, coffee, tea and drinking water, no need to bring your own. We will also serve some local fruit on the journey back to Klong Prao.

After you’ve had a great day of diving, we head back to the shop and usually hangout for a while, fill out dive logs and when you’re ready, drop you back at your hotel.

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