Certification Agencies

At Chang Diving Center we work with 3 different certification agencies:

All of these Agencies are members of WRSTC (World Recreational Scuba Training Council). WRSTC makes sure that courses adhere to the same minimum standards across the world – you could compare this to something like McDonalds, who have similar standards to make sure their branches have similarity world-wide.

Specialty courses are not standardised by the WRSTC and can differ between each agency – please contact us for more information on how we program our specialty courses.

Every Agency offers learning materials. The most translated and professional looking are from PADI, whilst the most functional and flexible for both students and instructors are from SDI and TDI (in our opinion).

TDI is the biggest certification agency for technical diving and offers the biggest range of high quality tech courses on the market. SDI and TDI are both part of the same family so there’s some cross-over between the two.