HTMS Chang

The largest shipwreck in Thailand, dive with us and have a close look at this wreck. It was sunk as an artificial reef off Koh Chang on 22 November 2012. The journey by boat takes about 1 hour. It is always a great highlight for us to visit this place. The HTMS Chang is only for advanced and experienced divers, as it is located at a depth of up to 30 meters on the sea bed and the deck is at about 23 meters.

The HTMS Chang is situated with the stern exactly to the north and has 2 buoy lines. The southern buoy line leads to the bow, i.e. to the front tip of the ship and is therefore well suited for diving. Divers can dive 100 meters long at a depth of about 23 meters along the wreck and slowly ascend at the stern of the ship to the northern buoy line. The northern buoy line is attached to the high mast of the stern, which, with its depth of 5 meters below the surface, is ideally suited to carry out the safety stop.

For experienced wreck divers it is also possible to dive inside the wreck’s deep cargo holds, which are between 27 and 29 meters inside the wreck. For more detailed information about possible dives and diving courses, please contact us directly.

P.S. Two important facts are:

U.S.S. Lincoln County 898

The USS Lincoln County 898 was built in 1944 by the US Navy as a tank landing boat during the 2nd World War and served in the Guadal Canal, as well as in the Korean War (1950-52). Later, in 1962, the USS Lincoln County was sold and transferred to the Thai Navy. The ship was renamed to “HTMS Chang” by the Royal Thai Navi. After 50 years of service in the Thai Navy, the HTMS Chang was released from service in 2012 and is now retired. Before the huge veteran could be released into final retirement, all doors, windows and equipment were removed. After a thorough cleaning the ship was prepared for its new life under the surface. Today it serves officially as an artificial reef in front of Koh Chang.

On November 22, 2012, when the HTMS Chang was sunk, our Chief Instructor Rittichai Chamhan (“Pern”) was also to watch the sinking live – he was one of the first divers to be allowed to dive with a team of experienced wreck divers 20 minutes after the ship was sunk. The team checked the correct position of the ship. Afterwards the task was to draw a map and to record the measurements of the different altitudes.

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Diving is best from october to April! from May to October the waves and Diving conditions might to rough.

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