Hin Pray Nam (หินพรายน้ำ)


Hin Phrai Nam,

is a dive site that is located south east of Bang Bao pier and take around 1 hour to arrive,Hin Phrai Nam is also located near the small island of Koh Wait where there have been sightings of black tip reef sharks,  once you arrive at the dive site you will see it has only one bouy line attached to the coral reef, the bouy line leads you to a depth of around 9 to 10 meters and takes you straight onto the Reef. Hin Phrai Nam has a maximum depth of 15 to 16 meters and is a beautiful coral Reef. During this dive you can dive along the Reef Wall on one side where you will see many soft and hard corals such as the many Christmas tree worms the magnificent anomonys and many barrol sponges and whip corals, you can also fined many blue spotted Stingray’s Scorpion Fish and many different kinds of Wrassa Fish from red breasted to moon Wrasses. If you where to follow the Reef around it does get quite shallow in areas maybe 3 to 5 Meters so you can choose to stay at the deeper depths or if conditions are favourable then venture into the shallower areas where you will still fined many Nudie branches,Tigger crowies and if you have a good eye you can often find some of the beautiful Pipe Fish. Hin Phrai Nam is one of the dive sites that is not visited so often as the many other dive sites Koh Chang has to offer so it is really worth joining us to visit this amazing site.