Hin Raab South (หินราบใต้)


Hin Raap South,

is located south west from bang Bao,as you approach the dive site the first thing you will see is the rock of Hin Raab, it is a fairly flat long rock. The Site has two Buoy Lines one is attached to a Rock and leads you to a depth of around 6 to 7 meter. The second Buoy is located by a shallow sandy area, depth around 4 to 5 meter.

Hin Raab south is a beautiful Coral Reef that has a lot of hard Corals as well as some beautiful soft yellow Corals and many whip Corals. Both Buoy lines take you directly onto the reef. There are no long Surface swims. The starting depth will be around 6 meter as you head over to the main Rock of Hin Raab. You will head over to a shallow sandy area where you can dive along the main wall, here you can find many Scorpion Fish and some magnificent anemones, Barrel Sponges and some beautiful purple Stag-horn Corals.

As you continue you start to decend to around 12 meters where you can follow the Reef, this takes you to a small Rock where there are 4 old Gunship Bullets located. If you continue you come to a area where there are a lot of Rock formations and many marbled Sea Cucumbers to be found. Also you can fined Blue Spotted Rays and white eyed Moray Eals. Keep an eye out for the Trigger Fish.

Here you will also hit your maximum depth witch will be around 18 meters as you follow the Reef. It starts to level up to around 10 meters and you will dive to a beautiful big peace of hard coral standing about 2 meter high and 2 half meter wide. If your good with your bounacy there is space under this coral where you can often see  some Moray’s, just after you leave this Coral, you will be back to the Buoy Line. You are going to see a huge array of fish here from yellow back Fusiliers, Barracudas, Trumpet Fish. There is also a chance to see nice big Turtle, so keep an eye out.