Koh Rang Pinnacle (หินกระเดื่อง)


The Koh Rang Pinnacle,

is a Dive site that is located in Koh Rang south of Koh Chang,Koh Rang is the national marine park, from bang Bao pier it will take around 1 hour 10 minutes to arrive there, so lots of time to relax. The Pinnacle is just west of  Koh Rang. It is a slightly deeper dive site and  you can go down to a depth of 25-30 meters. The entire Pinnacle is under the sea and it has one bouy line attached to the Pinnacle which leads down to around 14 meters, as already mentioned it is a deeper dive site so you will really need to be an advanced diver to appceate this site.As you start the dive you can slowly descend down the side of the Pinnacle where you will see many whip corals, and an array of many other beautiful corals,
Then you can spend your time slowly diving around the Pinnacle leveling up as the dive continues, once you hit around 12 meters there is a swim through but to go all the way through you have to be  quite a small person to squeeze through or you can just turn back out if it’s not for you. During your dive on the Pinnacles you will have a chance of seeing a lot larger fish such as giant travelies, sail fish as well as some very big trigger fish so keep an eye out and here you also have a very good chance of seeing some eagle rays,,! The piniclas is a great dive with a lot to offer most advanced divers but we can only dive this site when the conditions are favourable as it does not have the protection of Koh Rang. From the piniclas it is also possible to dive over to anther dive site called koh Tian,this is a shallower dive site just away from the piniclas. So if you would like to enjoy one of Koh Chang’s deeper dive sites then come dive the Pinnacles with us.