There are manny of those Nationalparks in Thailand, and Koh Chang.

Nationalparks are famous for Thai, and also Foreign Tourists, which would like to explore the beautiful nature of Thailand. We have 2 different kind of Nationalparks, on land and of course also in the sea, marine Nationalparks.
On Land, you can find amazing Rainforests, Rivers, Lakes and plenty of Waterfalls with all kind of wildlife you can imagine.
At the Marine Nationalparks, you will find beautiful small Islands, beaches, coral reefs and amazing marine life.

But all Nationalparks do the same, they charging Nationalpark Fees for any reason! Nationalpark fee’s at Koh Chang 2019 are:

Is it worth to visit Nationalpark’s?

some are really worth it, some not! and sometimes you are traveling just in the wrong time of the year 😉 Many people don’t like the double pricing system in the land of smiles! that’s why everybody can decide by themselves if you would like to support this or not.!

Koh Rang is a Nationalpark in Thailand nearby Koh Chang

Koh Rang Nationalpark south of Koh Chang offers beautiful Island and nature. This is the best hotspot for Snorkeling Tour’s witch offering a 5 island roundtrip from Koh Chang to Koh Rang. The Boat ride takes around 1-2 hours to depend on boat and distance. The dive-sites at the bay of Koh rang island are 5 to 10m deep. Plenty of Fish, Corals and other marine life can be discovered. truely it is a beautiful Place which can be reached easily from Koh Chang, Koh Maak and Koh Kood. But this means also that the biggest boat traffic is at the Koh Rang Nationalpark.
This is one of the reasons why we will never go diving there if local places are possible to dive on. And for those who would like to dive in a Nationalpark! All Mu Koh Chang with its 52 Islands is Nationalpark.

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SCUBA Diving Koh Chang

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