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Emergency First Respond (first AID)

Emergency First Respond, CPR and Oxygen Provider are recomended for everybody, but they are also pre requirement for the Rescue Diver Corse and any Professional Diving Instructor Levels. We at Chang Diving teaching first aid courses from EFR/PADI or SDI. Our Instructors make you fit to help in case of emergency.

You will be able to help your fellow divers! The Emergency First Respond (First Aid) Courses are also great fun with scenarios and a lot of practical exercise. Our Instructor Trainers can teach you First AID Instructor programs. So you will be able to teach those courses after our Instructor Program.

If you would like to start your Rescue Diver Course or any Dive Professional Course you need the proof of a First AID training within 1 year. Join our EFR or CYPROX Courses now get ready to act in case of a emergency  situation.

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First AID

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