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Speciality Courses,

As a Certified Diver! you know already, about other continue education programs? We at Chang Diving will help you! to become a better diver. therefore we createt our specialty courses, you will finally feel the difference. New dive activities are waiting. start to explore our blue planet. If you are a PADI Open Water Diver, and you would like to start speciality courses, you will need to become a Advanced Open Water Diver first! Or therefore you can cross over to SDI. As a SDI Open Water diver you are able to join directly into any SDI Speciality.

Our Speciality Programs are structured by the agency standarts, but thought on fahr higher level. We will make sure that you will be a good diver! After your training with us, everybody will be happy to become you as a Dive Buddy.

All speciality courses includes elearning materials (where ever possible) which is only one part of our enviromental AWARENESS programs, to reduce waste as a PADI Green Star dive center.

Diving Courses

Deep Diver

7,990.00 ฿11,990.00 ฿

Diving Courses

Nitrox Diver

7,990.00 ฿9,990.00 ฿

Diving Courses

Wreck Diving

8,890.00 ฿11,990.00 ฿

Diving Courses

Sidemount Diver

11,990.00 ฿