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BCD’s (Buoyancy Control Devices),

BCD’s (Buoyancy Control Devices) offered by Chang Diving Center. Are from the best developers of SCUBA Gear, which are APEKS and Scobapro. This two brands are the top of the BCD’s. With years of experience great products and service. There are many BCD’s out on the market but if you ever dived a Scubapro or APEKS jacket you will never change again. Comfort, quality, fit and lifetime is the key to success.

BCD’s are one of the 3 main scuba gear parts. If you decide to purchase a own Buoyancy Control Device, we can assist you with. We also have some models which you can try out on a fun dive with us.

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35,590.00 ฿
3,990.00 ฿