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Equipment Bags, DryBags

Equipment Bags, DryBags are a great thing if you are traveling with your scuba gear. Our APEKS gear bags are the right choice for your adventure. This gear bags are just fantastic functional. You can use them to store all your gear in one bag for your travels. also you can use them on the boat.

Back in the hotel or at home you can fill the bags with fresh water to wash your gear inside the bags and when its done just simple dump the water thought the dump valve on the bottom of the bags.

The APEKS Equipment Bags, DryBags including a wet and dry chamber where you can store things dry or wet or both together. For us the APEKS gear bags are the perfect gear bags for any adventurer.

Diving Equipment

APEKS Dry 75

6,590.00 ฿10,970.00 ฿

Diving Equipment

APEKS Dry100 dry bag

7,950.00 ฿