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The most advanced fins,

The most advanced fins those days in scuba diving are the one which fits your needs while scuba diving or snorkeling. There are many different kind of fins out on the marked which are all great, depends on how you will use them. Every type Fin have some specific benefits which fits divers needs.

Before you purchase your own set of fin’s you might ask yourself some simple questions.:

  • What activities are I am going to do?
  • would I use the fin for scuba only or also for snorkeling?
  • Are I am diving in strong currents?
  • Are I am diving with heavy or light scuba gear?
  • Do I need full foot fin’s or open heel fin’s?

All this questions are just the basic considerations if you are interested in purchasing your own set. But don’t worry we are there to help you, to find the right fin for your needs.

Diving Equipment


5,990.00 ฿

Diving Equipment

Scubapro Jet Fin

6,970.00 ฿