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Mask & Snorkel Set’s,

Having your own Mask & Snorkel Set can be one of the biggest benefit’s in your diving adventures. Yes every dive center offers rental Mask & Snorkel sets but what happen if there is not one set which fit’s your face correctly?

Right your dive will not be as comfortable like it used to be, with a perfect fitting Mask. You will get always water inside the mask, which results in a lot of mask clearing, and fog, which make’s your dive not that enjoyable.

If you purchase your own Set. You won’t have all this issues, and your dives will be more enjoyable and safe. We at Chang Diving offering many different Mask & Snorkel Sets at our Dive Center, and are happy to assist you with finding the perfect fit.

We surely having the mask which fits perfectly your face and makes your dives even more enjoyable than ever before.

3,395.00 ฿
1,599.65 ฿

Diving Equipment

Deep Blue MAKO Snorkle Set

1,171.65 ฿