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Scuba Regulators Set’s,

There are many different kind and manufacturers of Scuba Regulators Set’s on the marked. We at Chang diving offer the two in our mind best brands of Scuba Regulators Brands which are APEKS and Scubapro. Which are the two world wide best quality Brands in manufacturing and service of scuba regulators.

The Brand’s we trust for life support equipment. you are always able to find a cheap regulator set but is it worth the money? Questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a own Regulators Set:

  • What brand’s have a good reputation?
  • For what kind of scuba diving will you use it?
  • do you need a cold water or warm water set?
  • what is the difference in-between cold and warm water sets?
  • if its cheap, is it really safe?

This couple of questions are only a small guide line as there are many things to consider for life support equipment. one of the biggest questions can also be: If I am diving on my holiday location can I get spare parts or service there in case of?

Diving Equipment

APEKS Regulator Bag

1,690.00 ฿

Diving Equipment

APEKS TEK 3 Regulator

44,490.00 ฿53,490.00 ฿
27,790.00 ฿36,990.00 ฿
1,090.00 ฿-3,800.00 ฿