Safety at Scuba Diving

Chang Diving Center Boat on Dock

Safety at Scuba Diving


What means Safety at Scuba Diving ? It not only means well Trained Staff but it also means well Maintained and Serviced SCUBA Gear like :

  1. Regulators
  2. Buoyancy Control Devices
  3. Mask, Fin, Suites …
  4. Tanks, Cylinders
  5. Compressor
  6. Boat

Rental Regulators at Chang Diving

Our Regulators are Primary APEKS XTX20 Sets for Fun Divers and Advanced Quallification Courses. For Beginners like Try Dives and OWD we are using the ScubaPro MK2 Sets.

All Regulator Sets get Serviced and Maintained 2 Times a Year as we are a SCUBA Diving Center and use that Equipment frequently the Service Intervall of 1 time per year is not enough  for our Standards.

Buoyancy Control Devices

Our BCD’s are from APEKS, SEAC and ScubaPro which need service at least ones a year and every 2 years renewed.

Mask, Fin and Suits

Mask, Fin’s and Suites get changed frequently. But Remember that we are using them a lot and not every mask fitting on all faces. We recommend every Diver to purchase a own personal Mask witch fits your needs.


SCUBA Cylinders or Tanks are next to Regulators or BCD’s part of the Main SCUBA Gear. Without a Tank we cant Dive! Well Maintained Tanks are the most important at SCUBA Diving. Every of our 160 Tanks goes every 5 years to the Hydrostatic Test. This test is marked on each tank and there are the Test Protocolls of the Extern Evaluator.

All Tanks get ones a Year a Visual Inspection and Clining Process in House same than a Valve Service to make sure there is no Contarmination or corrosion inside the Tanks.



At Chang Diving we are using 2 Bauer Compressors which are a high quality German Brand this Compressors are Serviced once a year. A Breathing Air Compressor is the Heart of every good Dive Operator. At Chang Diving everybody Can have a look at all our Gear and also the Breathing Air Compressors at the Main Office Klong Prao. Filters get changed every few Hours to obtain the Quality of our AIR and NITROX Blendes.

The Boat

We are Proud of our well Maintained and Compfortable Boat the ChokCharlemChai 4 for us the most Compfortable Boat at Koh Chang. Every Year the Boat get into the Dry Dock (Boat Yard) and fully serviced. Which is a very hard job with a Wooden Boat. All Damaged Wood Get Replaced. The Corking ged renewed. The Engine get completely disabled and new asambled. The Boat gets Repainted and Checked by the Marine Department! To ensure the safety our Guests on ChokCharlemChai 4 and ChokCarlemChai 4 junior.

Chang Diving Center Boat on Dock