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SDI / TDI Instructor Crossover Koh Chang, Thailand

In recent years, more and more instructors decide and take a closer look at the possibilities offered by “International Training”. From recreational diving to technical diving and public safety diving. International Training is therefore the pioneer in the diving industry.
Scuba Diving International (SDI), Technical Diving International (TDI), and Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI) are all independent associations, but they can also be seen in connection with each other. Depending on what is needed as training. And we accept new members. Find out how this works.

International Education

The International Training: SDI, TDI, and ERDI Crossover Program allows Divemasters (DM), Assistant Instructors (AI), and Instructors to become a certified member of the International Training education System if they have a comparable certification with an association recognized by the World Recreational Scuba Training Council (WRSTC), European Underwater Federation (EUF), and International Standards Organization (ISO).
Created by professional educators.
Decisive was the knowledge and know-how to train a diver on all levels. SDI offers an easy to follow educational system. For personal development and a proven path to dive leadership. Even if a career as a diving professional is aspired. Divemaster, Assistant Instructor and Open Water Instructors to name a few. With more than 24 international offices and thousands of dive centers and instructors around the world.


Dive center, charter operators and dive destinations recognize the certificates of SDI worldwide. Be ready to join the most innovative education system in the world. With the ITI professional recognition program all academic requirements for an SDI/TDI/ERDI Dive Professional can be met.
SDI / TDI Instructor Crossover Program is the first step in changing a recognized Scuba certification into: Scuba Diving International (SDI), Technical Diving International (TDI) or Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI). This course is only required once, even if you change to more than one of these agencies.

The Crossover Course (familiarization course) consists of three steps:

first step:
Completion of the academic self-study program. This will introduce you to the history and philosophy of International Training. The parent company of SDI, TDI and ERDI. It will also review the standards and procedures, programs and products of the agency or agencies you may qualify for.

Second step:
Collect all the necessary documents you need to submit to receive your new professional evaluation(s). These documents are copies of your currently required professional assessment(s) and, if necessary, the current insurance list SDI / TDI / ERDI as additional insured. As soon as you have completed the online program and successfully passed the final exam, you will receive an e-mail with the final form. This form contains a list of all required documents that you have to submit. The form as well as all necessary documents must be presented to an SDI / TDI / ERDI representative.

Third step:
Completion of your application:

The two options

Option 1:
Is the meeting with an SDI / TDI / ERDI representative or an Instructor Trainer. During this meeting you can ask any questions you may have. The representative will make sure that you have all the necessary documents and help you to submit them to the SDI / TDI / ERDI headquarters.

Option 2:
Is meeting with a person from the local SDI / TDI / ERDI facility with whom you are familiar. He will check if all necessary documents are complete and will help you to answer questions. You can also contact the SDI / TDI / ERDI headquarters directly at any time. As soon as your documents have been received and processed at the head office, you will receive your new SDI, TDI or ERDI Dive Professional registration information. If you are located outside of North America, you can also contact your local SDI, TDI or ERDI regional office. You can find a contact list for example:

SDI Instructor Training Goal:

  • Introduce the instructor to SDI
  • familiarize candidates with the SDI Instructor Guide and student materials
  • Demonstration of how the SDI diving material can be used to train new divers
  • How new divers are registered and certified and certification cards are issued for other programs they are qualified to conduct.

Requirements for SDI / TDI instructor crossover on Koh Chang in Thailand is,
it must be a certified current scuba instructor with an ITI recognised agency

required material:

  • SDI Open Water Instructor Kit (see current price list for options)
  • Online ITI introductory course

Note: Before beginning the program, the instructor candidate should review all instructor and diver materials and complete all knowledge reviews and final exams to ensure that he/she is fully familiar with the subject matter and supporting materials for teaching the SDI Open Water Diver program.

The Crossover Course:

  • Welcome and course orientation
  • The SDI instructor.
  • Dive Leader Risk Management
  • Courses that an SDI Instructor can teach


  • Instructor crossover application
  • Verification of the completion of the on-line start-up program
  • proof of current instructor authorization
  • Proof of the current ratings for special areas of the agency (most special areas of other agencies can be transferred to SDI)
  • IT crossover checklist

about this program

  • Developing the appropriate knowledge and skills expected of every SDI dive professional

fields of expertise

  • The SDI instructor.
  • Dive Leader Risk Management
  • Courses that an SDI Instructor can teach

structure and schedule

  • independent study
  • Classroom presentations

Once your SDI / TDI Instructor Crossover Course on Koh Chang in Thailand is completed and approved by the office, you can start teaching SDI courses.

More on the subject

General requirements

Below are the requirements for all certification diving courses of the respective training agency (PADI, SDI or TDI).

    • House rules, release from liability and assumption of risk as well as medical questionnaire
    • According to Thai law (status 2020) a medical certificate is not required
    • However, if one of the questions is answered with “YES”, a medical atest is necessary before any activity in the water!
  • Swimming without swimming aid: minimum requirement 200m!
  • Floating motionless on the water (dead man): minimum requirement 10 min.
  • Minimum age for participation in scuba diving activities: 10 years (details in the specific course description).

Our services include

  • Free shuttle service on dive day: Hotel to boat (White Sand Beach to Bang Bao) and back to the hotel! Pick up from the east coast on request.
  • All boat fees (dive boat or dinghy)
  • Complete equipment you need for scuba diving or snorkeling
    • Regulators from APEKS or SCUBAPRO,
    • Buoncy Control Device (BCD) from APEKS, SCUBAPRO or SEAC.
    • Tropical water, usually 30 degrees warm, 3mm wetsuit short.
    • SCUBAPRO Go fins, mask, Tanks (regularly maintained and tested) and weights.
    • Against a surcharge of 300 THB/day for provision of a SUUNTO dive computer
  • Make sure you get our special online shop discount of 5% when using your own diving equipment! The coupon code is: H7PFU7M6!! This only applies in connection with a complete set of equipment without tanks and weights, and for non-discounted services! We reserve the right to reclaim the granted discount.
  • Lunch, soft drinks, coffee, tea and seasonal fruits are served on the boat.
  • English speaking divemasters or instructors (group size max.5 persons)
  • Wifi on the boat (router capacity max. 10 persons)
  • We accept the following payment methods:
    • Cash payment
    • Bank transfer.
    • PayPal, only in the online shop
    • Credit card payments in the dive shop or on the boat, free of charge if the total amount is more than 1500 THB. For amounts up to 1500 THB we charge a 3% handling fee.

SCUBA dive training agencies

Chang Diving Center offers you courses from 3 different training agencies (PADI, SDI, TDI). So we offer you the possibility to choose diving courses according to your personal needs and requirements!

Do you still need diving equipment?

We offer you the possibility to buy them in our Dive Shop, with appropriate advice! When booking a course or a day trip online, we offer a discount of 10% on the regular price of diving equipment (coupon code: 6SVJ7ADH)

SCUBA diving in Koh Chang

SCUBA diving in Koh Chang is a great way to enrich your holiday. Discover the rich underwater world of Koh Chang. It’s worth it! Education/Diving all year round

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Price Includes

  • Free transfer on your dive day from your hotel to the boat-White Sand Beach to Bang Bao.(East Coast pick up on request)
  • All Equipment which you need for Scuba Diving or Snorkeling
  • Full Set of own Scuba Diving Gear?Discount 200 THB/Day(we provide tanks and weights)
  • Lunch, soft drinks, coffee, tea and local fruits are served on boat
  • English Speaking Divemaster or Instructor (Group Sizes max.5 PAX)
  • Free Wifi on the Boat(max. 10PAX)
  • Credit Card At the Shop or Boat (PayPal only at the online store)Payments above 1500 THB Free of charge

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