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PADI / SDI Deep Diver Course

The Deep Diver Course gives you a great overview of the changes in depth from 18m to 40m. You will see and feel the difference-Different kind of marine life, greater gas consumption and higher nitrogen levels. This is not for everyone but for the once who enjoy the depth will get a different view of it all.

Is it necessary to dive that deep?
No, but its always good if you know how to do it correctly and what you have to look for. Does it make sense to dive into the blue because it’s deep? If you do not follow a Mission. No, it doesn’t 😉! Can it be fun? YES, of course!!

This Course trains you in Deep Diving Basics like:

  • Dive Planning
  • Risks at Deep Diving
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Gas Narcosis

and much more…

If you are getting tired of diving at coral reefs and enjoy wreck diving and want to keep things interesting-this will be the perfect course for you – As a deep diver, you have more opportunities. Most wrecks are in deeper waters. When certified as a deep diver you can go and explore up to 40m of dept wich also count the way inside of a wreck (Certified Wreck diver only).

This speciality is the pre-requirement for the Wreck Diver Course and is mostly taught in a combination of:

Deep-, Wreck- and Nitrox together

All of our specialities get taught from experienced TDI Instructors which means you will receive the best training possible and not only the standard by Agencies requirements. This ensure a propper training also with many different options in Gear and experiences.

What you might spot?

While attending our snorkelling, fun dives or courses you (and your Family) might spot plenty of Koh Changs Marinelife on our dive sites and Wrecks (if certification and/or course requirement are meet) at your trips on our boat.
Rent a GoPro for your day of diving! (No rental to students of the courses OWD or DSD)
Handsignals we are using while scuba diving

Course specific requirements:

What's next?