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SDI Solo Diver course

The SDI Solo Diver course teaches you the practice of self-reliant scuba diving without a “dive buddy”.

Solo diving once considered technical diving and discouraged by most certification agencies, is now seen by many experienced divers and some certification agencies as an acceptable practise for those divers suitably trained and experienced. Rather than relying on the traditional buddy diving safety system, solo divers should be skilled in self-sufficiency and willing to take responsibility for their own safety while diving.

One of SDI’s most popular courses, the SDI solo diver course teaches experienced recreational divers how to safely dive independently of a dive buddy or strengthen your buddy team skills. The course stresses on proper dive planning, personal limitations, accident prevention as well as the benefits, hazard, and proper procedures for diving solo. This is specially imported as many underwater Photographer and Videographer are solo on there way to find the right shot. But even you are a Certified SOLO Diver and you can enjoy the peace of being alone on the Reef it doesn’t allow you to dive Solo into overhead environments.

But it is a great course for those who like to become a greater knowledge about dive theory, equipment and special techniques to safely dive alone. This program gives you a deep look into the buddy system.

What you might spot?

While attending our snorkelling, fun dives or courses you (and your Family) might spot plenty of Koh Changs Marinelife on our dive sites and Wrecks (if certification and/or course requirement are meet) at your trips on our boat.
Rent a GoPro for your day of diving! (No rental to students of the courses OWD or DSD)
Handsignals we are using while scuba diving

Course specific requirements

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