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Sidemount diver

Sidemount diving is there a good reason for this?
The PADI/SDI or TDI Sidemount Diver course, this increasingly popular sidemount diving equipment configuration simply means that you carry your tank(s) sideways instead of on your back.

Many divers find this more comfortable as it can reduce water resistance and relieve back strain. Sidemount diving often involves diving with two smaller fake tanks, which are first fixed in the water. Carrying the tanks and assembling the diving equipment is a little more complicated than with the traditional backmount (tank/s on the back). Especially for those who cannot carry anything heavy and therefore have problems with a backmounted dive gear.

The beginnings of sidemount diving come from technical cave diving. Many divers therefore prefer sidemount to explore cave systems or wrecks. This of course not without reason. For once, sidemount offers better balance and stability than diving with one or two double mounted cylinders. With Sidemount you have one cylinder on each side and they are aligned on your upper body. This gives you a more stable and streamlined position in the water. The first stages of the regulator are protected by your body against blows etc., unlike a single cylinder on your back.

The buoyancy properties of the cylinders themselves promote diving in trim or flexibility and configurability. Also, special cylinders are not necessarily required for sidemount diving. Starting from the safety point of view, the valves are positioned in front of the diver, so even with limited mobility, gas shut-off is uncomplicated. Possible first stage leaks can be easily detected and repaired. Another advantage is the greater headroom. This allows you to look in any direction without being restricted by the position of the first stage.

During the course you will be familiarized with the special requirements and learn how to find the optimal configuration for your application and location. The course teaches you the specific techniques, planning procedures and skills needed to dive safely with the sidemount device.
This course can be combined with other TDI open circuit technology and recreational courses such as Decompression Procedures, Advanced NITRIOX and Advanced Wreck Diver.

What you might spot?

While attending our snorkelling, fun dives or courses you (and your Family) might spot plenty of Koh Changs Marinelife on our dive sites and Wrecks (if certification and/or course requirement are meet) at your trips on our boat.
Rent a GoPro for your day of diving! (No rental to students of the courses OWD or DSD)
Handsignals we are using while scuba diving

Course specific requirements:

  • Activity: PADI, SDI or TDI Certification Course (World wide valid)
  • Pre-Qualification: Open Water Diver or equal
  • Logged dives required: No
  • Minimum age: 15 years
  • Duration: 1,5 Days
  • Theory: online
  • Pool required: Yes
  • Open Water Dives required: Yes / 3 Dives
  • Before Training: Visite the dive shop
    • Meet and greet around 4 – 5 pm (when your Instructor, Guide is back from the day trip)
    • Documents Review and completion.
    • Prepair your gear.
  • Training: Day
    • Open Water Dive 1 to 3 max. depth max. depending on pre-certification m
    • max. time per Training Dive 60 min., or low on Gas 50 bar
    • Certification if all course requirements are fulfilled

    General requirements

    Below are the requirements for all certification diving courses of the respective training agency (PADI, SDI or TDI).

      • House rules, release from liability and assumption of risk as well as medical questionnaire
      • According to Thai law (status 2020) a medical certificate is not required
      • However, if one of the questions is answered with “YES”, a medical atest is necessary before any activity in the water!
    • Swimming without swimming aid: minimum requirement 200m!
    • Floating motionless on the water (dead man): minimum requirement 10 min.
    • Minimum age for participation in scuba diving activities: 10 years (details in the specific course description).

    Our services include

    • Free shuttle service on dive day: Hotel to boat (White Sand Beach to Bang Bao) and back to the hotel! Pick up from the east coast on request.
    • All boat fees (dive boat or dinghy)
    • Complete equipment you need for scuba diving or snorkeling
      • Regulators from APEKS or SCUBAPRO,
      • Buoncy Control Device (BCD) from APEKS, SCUBAPRO or SEAC.
      • Tropical water, usually 30 degrees warm, 3mm wetsuit short.
      • SCUBAPRO Go fins, mask, Tanks (regularly maintained and tested) and weights.
      • Against a surcharge of 300 THB/day for provision of a SUUNTO dive computer
    • Make sure you get our special online shop discount of 5% when using your own diving equipment! The coupon code is: H7PFU7M6!! This only applies in connection with a complete set of equipment without tanks and weights, and for non-discounted services! We reserve the right to reclaim the granted discount.
    • Lunch, soft drinks, coffee, tea and seasonal fruits are served on the boat.
    • English speaking divemasters or instructors (group size max.5 persons)
    • Wifi on the boat (router capacity max. 10 persons)
    • We accept the following payment methods:
      • Cash payment
      • Bank transfer.
      • PayPal, only in the online shop
      • Credit card payments in the dive shop or on the boat, free of charge if the total amount is more than 1500 THB. For amounts up to 1500 THB we charge a 3% handling fee.

    SCUBA dive training agencies

    Chang Diving Center offers you courses from 3 different training agencies (PADI, SDI, TDI). So we offer you the possibility to choose diving courses according to your personal needs and requirements!

    Do you still need diving equipment?

    We offer you the possibility to buy them in our Dive Shop, with appropriate advice! When booking a course or a day trip online, we offer a discount of 10% on the regular price of diving equipment (coupon code: 6SVJ7ADH)

    SCUBA diving in Koh Chang

    SCUBA diving in Koh Chang is a great way to enrich your holiday. Discover the rich underwater world of Koh Chang. It’s worth it! Education/Diving all year round

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    Price Includes

    • Free transfer on your dive day from your hotel to the boat-White Sand Beach to Bang Bao.(East Coast pick up on request)
    • All Equipment which you need for Scuba Diving or Snorkeling
    • Full Set of own Scuba Diving Gear?Discount 200 THB/Day(we provide tanks and weights)
    • Lunch, soft drinks, coffee, tea and local fruits are served on boat
    • English Speaking Divemaster or Instructor (Group Sizes max.5 PAX)
    • Free Wifi on the Boat(max. 10PAX)
    • Credit Card At the Shop or Boat (PayPal only at the online store)Payments above 1500 THB Free of charge

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