Technical Diving at Koh Chang


What is Technical Diving?

Technical Diving is considered as Diving below the Recreational Limitations. It includes Gas Mixes, Multiple Tanks and Overhead Environments … Technical Divers are Called the Elite Divers because there Knowledge of Equipment, Decompression Diving and overall Diving Skills.

But Does Technical Dives always need to be Deeper than 40m ? The Answer is NO! As a Technical Diver you are able to Plan Different Type of Dives, Decompression or Non Decompression Dives what ever makes you happy as a Diver.

For me Personally Tech training is a Benefit for every Diver which like to explore more, see more and stay longer in the Water.

I love it to do one single Dive a Day on the West Coast Dive Sites at Koh Chang the max Depth there is around 16m. So i will cover in one single Dive 3 Divespots with a Dive Time of 2,5 to 3 Hours 😉 but this is only one Benefit.

Others are the Different type of Equipment rather Twin Sets or Sidemound its Really Fun to dive those Setups. And as a Solo Certified Diver i can enjoy all my Diving with max. Bottom time without waiting for my buddy or Big Dive Groups. I have endless time to take the best Picture without any Rush.

Since i took my Technical Diver Certifications i feel even more save below the surface than ever before. Technical Diver Training is mostly Problem Handling, Equipment Configuration and Dive Planning. The Recreational Diver Training Teach you how to Dive and handle simple Problems. Technical Divers get trained to Survive in worst case Dive or Equipment Failure.

When you will start with Technical Diving ?

Are you ready yet, to take the next step and become a explorer ?