Travel Agency’s and Booking Offices for SCUBA Diving at Koh Chang


Travel Agency’s and Booking Offices for SCUBA Diving at Koh Chang


After 12 Years which Chang Diving is operating now at Koh Chang, we realize that there is still quite a lot of Travel Agency’s and Booking Offices out there!


What Is a Travel Agency or Booking Office ?

Travel Agency’s and Boking Offices offering you Tours and Packages. They are mostly Private Local People with wild advertising Posters 😉

What they can do for you ?

They will perfectly organize your activities at your Holidays. You just went to one of that colorful shops on the Road, And will organize everything for you. Speedboat Tours, Island Tours, Elephant Trekking and Snorkeling at the National Park. Evan Accommodations and Transfers to other Places inside or outside the Country.


Are this Operators able to give you a good service?

Definitive YES they Do!!

But are they knowledgeable about SCUBA Diving Activities? NO they aren’t! at least the most of these agencies. How can you explain Diving Procedures if you have never done it before yourself? How they can have the Knowledge to offer you best service at SCUBA Diving? If you are a Diver already YES you know how it works Right but if you have never Dived before? Will it not be better to contact straight the Professionals who are Knowledge able about any Kind of Recreational ( Sport ) Diving or Technical Diving.

Mostly Dive centers are easy to spot at any Holiday Location. Different Dive centers offering Different Service. If you like to try out SCUBA Diving or to Learn SCUBA Diving or even continuing your education or just doing some Fun Dives you should check out the Dive centers at your Destination in Person to get a impression about the People behind the Dive center.

Nothing is more Important at an Extreme Sport like SCUBA, that you trust in your Professionals and the Organization behind. If you meet them in Person you can also have a closer look at Tanks, Breathing AIR Compressors, Equipment and much more. You will be surprised how different some Dive centers can be specially if you never Dived before.

Sometimes it takes a bit of time to find the Dive Center which you feel best with. And never Please never take a Price Consideration! SCUBA Diving is a Equipment intensive Sport, It is the most Beautiful environment you can move in. Dive Gear is LIFE SUPPORT Equipment and should be in Top Conditions and Good Serviced all the Time. And Again if you visit the Dive center yourself you will see straight away who taking Care of Equipment and Safety.


All over Travel Agencys and Booking Offices can offer you a wide Range of activities at your Holiday Destination. Great Packages and organization. However there are some Points to consider when SCUBA Diving comes up.