What is NITROX?

NITROX is a breathing-gas which contains more oxygen than in normal breathing-gas (Air) 21% Oxygen 79% Nitrogen. NITROX in Scuba Diving starts with 22% of Oxygen. Recreational Sports Divers are supposed to obtain a certification to use NITROX or Enriched Air which contains a maximum of 40% oxygen. If a diver would like to use a higher percentage of oxygen, they are supposed to join an Advance NITROX class.

There is a common misunderstanding of using NITROX at Recreational Sport Diving. We would like to explain NITROX Diving, in an easy way. This doesn’t prevent you from following a full NITROX Certification Course at all! To use and dive with NITROX, Enriched Air or Safe Air, a full certification course is required.

What is NITROX Called?

Why I should use a Gas like NITROX?

Many Sportsdiver thinks that NITROX is used by Deep-Dives only. This is already a rumour. Yes, NITROX diving got popular in Technical Diving but the Tec Divers didn’t use NITROX as a Bottom Gas, they were using NITROX for their decompression as a Deco Gas and or Travel Gas. Which is totally different to Recreational diving. As a Technical Diver is properly trained to conduct Decompression dives, a recreational sports diver instead is trained to not exceed the NON-Decompression Limit (NDL).
there is a big rule in SCUBA diving: as higher the amount of oxygen inside your breathing gas is as shallower your dive will be!
This is also called Maximum Operation Depth (MOD) of your breathing gas-blend.
So that means that as higher the amount of oxygen inside my breathing gas-blend is as lower the amount of Nitrogen which I inhale will be.

The result of using NITROX at Sport Diving will be.:

There are also risks involved in Enriched AIR diving. You will learn all about the benefits and risks in your NITROX Course

Determine the MOD for N32

Convert % to Bar = Blend % / 100 = _____Bar Blend N32 32%/100=0.32Bar
Calculate the MOD = Max PPo2 1,4 diving or 1,6Bar decompression
1,4bar/0.32bar=4,3Bbar-1Bar/ATA= 3,37Bar*10m=33,7m MOD
14/0.32=43.75-10= 33,7m MOD
this formulary can be used to easily calculate the MOD.

Determine the Partial Pressure

Another important Calculation is also how to determine the Partial Pressure of a given NITROX Blend.
Convert % to Bar = Blend % / 100 = _____Bar Blend N32 32%/100=0.32Bar
Calculate the Partial Pressure in depth of 30m
Remember your Open Water Diver Course! Pressure increase every 10m
NITROX Blend*Surrounding Pressure= N32 0.32Bar*4Bar= 1.28Bar PPo2

As NITROX is a breathing-gas blend it is like the name says, blended by a Certified Gas Blender at a propper filling station. Please make sure if you join a Course or obtain a blend that the filling station and blender are certified and able to provide you with the necessary paperwork.

As a Certified NITROX Diver, you are allowed to use Enriched Air NITROX Blends from 22% to 40%. If you would like to handle 41% to 100% Oxygen, we are also offering the TDI Advanced NITROX Course

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