Apeks XTX Regulator Features


The XTX Range of regulators caters for both left and right-handed hose routing.
The XTX range offers two new features to advance Apeks’ tried and tested regulator designs. The option for either left or right-hand hose configuration and the Diver Changeable Exhaust System (DCE).
The XTX regulators can be dedicated to either left or right-handed use. The hose routing can be altered from right to left or left to right by an Apeks Service Technician. This is an extremely useful feature offering much greater flexibility for personal kit configuration over other regulators.


The Diver Changeable Exhaust (DCE) offers the choice of either a compact, light-weight system, or a longer exhaust diffuser. DCE can be configured to prevent virtually any bubble interference from obscuring the divers’ view. The exhaust diffusers can be easily and quicky changed by sliding and locking the preferred set into place. Divers can now configure their own regulator exhaust diffusers for individual dive conditions or requirements.

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