Dive-Site Description

Blueberry Hill บลูเบอร์รี่ ฮิลล์ is located just North West of Hin Raap South. The entire dive site is below the surface. You can look at this dive site as two pinnacles below the surface. The top of both Pinnacle is 3 to 5 meters deep. Which makes it perfect for the Safety Stop at the End of the dive.
Blueberry Hill บลูเบอร์รี่ ฮิลล์ has only one buoy line attached, our buoy line leads you straight into a small canyon. To a depth of around 8 to 9 meters and is roughly in the middle of the dive site. As you Exit the Canyon, you have the option of going two ways. No matter what way you go, it doesn’t make any big difference to the dive. There you will see many hard Corals like: Carter Corals, Disc Corals, etc.
When you exit the canyon it will be around 10 to 11 meter deep. As you follow the pinnacle around you can see: many Soldier Fish taking cover under the Corals. If you have a good eye? maybe you can spot a Trumpet Fish. There is also a smaller Canyon next to the Bouy Line.
Divers can come up over the Reef looking at all the beautiful Stag Horn Corals. After them, you come around to the second Pinnacle, where you hit your max depth of 14 to 15 meters.
Here you will also find many rocks and spaces to search and explore. There you can see many Galaxy Corals, Double Star Corals and also Soft Corals like Bubblegum Corals and Whip Corals. This is an outreach of coral heading away from the Reef. That is also worth exploring and could take you a little deeper if you keep going…
You will find a smaller Reef just away from the site where you can often see a lovely Turtle! As you continue to follow the Pinnacle. The Dive will lead you straight back into the Canyon where you started the dive. There you can level up to the top of the Pinnacle and spend some time here looking at the beautiful Corals. Also, it’s the perfect depth for the safety stop and comes back to the boat.

Category of Diving:

All certification levels
Coral Reef Dive

Diving Conditions:

Diving is best from october to April! from May to October the waves and Diving conditions might to rough.

Perfect training location for: