Hin Raab North (หินราบเหนือ) is located just on the west coast of Koh Chang. It takes around 20 minutes to arrive from the Beach. We are the only Diving Center on the island going to this dive site. But we only go there in high season when our boat is Mored at Klong Prao Beach.

Hin Raab North (หินราบเหนือ) has two surfacing rocks that are fairly long and flat. At the Dive Site are two bouy line attached. The bouy line on the east side of the Site goes down to around 6 to 7 meters. The bouy line on the West Side of the Site goes down to around 10 to 11 meters. This site has a max depth of 14 to 18 meters. It is a large and also very beautiful Dive Site. If you take the west bouy line it takes you on the back pinnacle. And If your lucky, you have chance to see some black tip Reef Sharks just of the reef here.

When you take the east bouy line. it will leads you to the other Pinnacle where you can follow the reef along. looking at all the soft and hard corals here, there is also a lot more Marine Life in way of. Blue Spotted Stingray’s, Moray’s, Box Fish and Lion Fish. To just name a few! as you keep following the Reef it can lead you into an awesome canyon that is very big and quite long. If you are going through, it takes you up a little shallower and can lead you slowly back to the bouy line.

Over a shallow sandy area about 3 to 5 meters deep, but still much to see.again with this dive site you really need to make at least two dive here to see everything as it is a large dive site. I highly recommend this Dive Site it is a truly beautiful Reef.