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T11 Wreck เรือจม ต.11 is a small Ship Wreck. Located just 50m away from Hin Raap South, Secret Reef and Blueberry Hill.
The T11 Wreck เรือจม ต.11 was a Coastal Patrol Gun Ship. The T11 was a built by PGM Motor Gun Boat. The Boat was launched on the 14 September 1964 by the US Navy. Named as PGM 71 and then on the 5 May 1965 it was transferred to the Thai Navy. And named T11 Wreck เรือจม ต.11.
The ship was then transferred to Koh Chang and sunk on 17 December 2013. It is a 30 meter long Gun Boat and resting at a depth of 16 meters. The ship is no longer in one complete piece. It has been blown apart and broken in half, now the T11 lays slightly to one side. The crow’s nest is now standing on the sandy bottom as opposed to where it should be(on the ship).
The T11 Wreck เรือจม ต.11 is a great dive site for several reasons, it can be used for a wreck speciality course and navigation courses or just for a fun dive. As already stated the ship is only 30 meters long. So it makes it quite difficult, to do a whole dive here. Divers will have two options. you can spend some time exploring the ship. After taking a heading to Hin Raab South, Secret Reef or even Blueberry Hill. Just keep an eye out for a Compass wearing Trigger Fish on the way, it’s our special friend ;).
Navigation on the T11 Wreck เรือจม ต.11
Your other choice is. Take heading out to some concrete blocks which are not far away. And have some fun playing around, diving though the blocks to test your bouncy skills. On the T11 Wreck เรือจม ต.11 you have many Schools of Fish but not many corals but it is well worth diving and looking inside all the hatches and the broken apart ship.
Just keep an eye out there have been bamboo sharks here and again maybe you could see a black tip.

Diver Level for this dive site.

Min. certification level: Junior, Open Water Diver (or equalled)
Try Diving possibility: No
Snorkelling possibility: No

Our Divemaster’s

Our Divemasters will give you a boat briefing and an overview for the day at the time the boat starts. They will give you a Dive briefing before each dive, and be in the front to lead the group while diving. Ask you frequently for Air consumption and knock against the Tank to get your attention. If there is any problem they will assist you, to secure your and others safety. If you and your buddy would like to explore the dive-site yourself the Divemasters will give you a briefing on the boat and check the predive safety procedure before your buddy team enter the water.

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