Dive-Site Description

Secret Reef ซิเคร็ท รีฟ is located just next to Hin Raab South. It is a rock formation below the Surface, in fact, Hin Raab South and Secret Reef are connected making it one really big Reef.
To go around Secret Reef ซิเคร็ท รีฟ and Hin Raab you will need around 2 hours bottom time. You can Dive a part of Hin Raap and head over to Secret Reef, both Hin Raab and Secret Reef are different dives and the Reefs are also very different looking. Secret Reef has a max depth of 12 meters where one buoy line is attached. This leads down to a depth between 5 to 6 meters. It will take roughly to the center of Secret Reef. Once at the bottom of the buoy line you have few choices for where to head out if you go east, it will lead you down a tiny canyon and then past a really big Rock. If you keep going, you will end up in Hin Raap again.
Along the way, you may also find a very old looking teapot the mystery of Secret Reef!, as well as a few Gun Ship bullets spread around the site. Secret Reef also has a very beautiful canyon that if you follow it though it will take you over the Reef and then you can head east or west to find your way back.
On Secret Reef, you also have the chance of seeing some great Barracudas normally hanging around near the top of the Reef, as well as seeing many moray-eels and blue-spotted Stingray’s some nice nude branches and the usual suspects in the way of fish, and corals you can see many of the delicate whip corals flower corals and the spiny cabbage coral as well as many more.
This is a beautiful dive site and well worth your time exploring.

Category of Diving:

All certification levels
Coral Reef Dive

Diving Conditions:

Diving is best from october to April! from May to October the waves and Diving conditions might to rough.

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