Whats the best way to do a Direct Bank transfer to Thailand 2019

Many of our guests asking about a Payment solution other than PAYPAL.
We reconsidered that there is one really great online banking system called Transfer Wise

  • Transfer to International Bank Accounts
  • easy to use and fast setup
  • real time currency exchange rate

Enjoy great Banking services and less fee’s for your transfers.

Why booking with Chang Diving Center?

Chang Diving Center is training divers since 2005.

  • We are offering all kind of dive and snorkel activities at Koh Chang.
  • Located in the heart of Koh Chang, Klong Prao Beach.
  • Approved business licenses for Tourism, Diving and National Parks.
  • In our shop you can find all kind of dive and snorkeling gear for sale and rental.
  • We are the only Dive Center which offers Technical Diving Programs on Koh Chang.
  • Only licensed Nitrox and O2 Filling Station with qualified Gas Blenders by PADI, TDI and Thai Government.
  • Our dive-gear is up to date.
  • We are the only APEKS Dealer on Koh Chang and offering Regulator and Equipment Service for APEKS.
  • Our own car will pickup, and bring you back to your Hotel.
  • We have our own comfortable dive boat located in Klong Prao Beach (High Season) Bang Bao Pier (Rainy Season).
  • Our Boat is Equipt with AIS and GPS Systems, Life vests by the new Standards of the Marine Department 2018, Emergency Oxygen and First AID Kit’s.
  • On our Boat we provide Lunch, Tea, Coffee, Soft drinks, ice and free WIFI (Router capacity max. 10 logged in People).


Hotels nearby the Dive Center

There are many hotels in different price categories around the dive center.The Klong Prao Resort is located just opposite the Dive Center. There is also The Pajamas Hostel other Locations are:
Flora I Talay
Ramayana Hotel
In high season our boat is located in front of Klong Prao Resort and Flora I Talay.
hotels in walking distance on the beach are:
Koh Chang Resort
Paradise Resort
Coconut Resort

Do i need a Medical Statement to dive in Thailand?

NO, By Thai Law you don’t need to have a Medical Statement to dive in Thailand.If you are doing a Diving Course we will give you a Medical Questionary witch you have to fill out and sign (Downloadable at the Online Shop) and if a answer is Yes we will send you to a Doctor here, and he will investigate the issue.

I am wearing eye Glasses can i go Diving?

YES, there are Masks with Lenses but we are not stocking them, the easiest way is to wear Contact Lenses.

If i Can NOT finish my Diving Course for Health reasons do i need to Pay the full course?

NO we are Splitting the Course Fees in Parts that means you have to pay only what you did already. You will get also a Global Referral (Valid for 1 year from Course start date) form which allows you anywhere in the World to continue and Finish your Course.

Can we Pay With CreditCard at the Shop?

Yes you can, but we charge 3% Bank fee.
TIP: With several Credit Cards you can take worldwide Cash Free of Charge. Then you can use the ATM Machines to take the cash out, there is one ATM just opposite the shop.

Do you take Advance Payment for Online Booking?

Yes we are Charging Deposite like it is stated at the online shop for Online Bookings!

In which Languages can i do Diving Courses?

The Main Teaching Language is English. However our Instructors are Multi Language and other languages might be possible on request depends also on Course Participants.

Theory Materials are available in the most common Languages like: English, German, French, Spanish …

When is the best Time for Diving and What i can expect at Koh Chang?

We are operating all year round. In the Rainey Season (Visibility 5-15m) which is Official from the end of April to October it might be that we are not able to go out every day or to certain Dive Spots YOUR SAFETY IS OUR GOAL!
The Dive Sites around Koh Chang are 5m to 30m Deep, at Koh Rang National Park the Dive Sites are max 13m Deep.

Koh Chang offers the Biggest Ship Wreck in Thailand the HTMS Chang and a smaller Gunboat the T11 a special for all Wreck Divers is the Pak 1 Wreck also known as Kohu Maru 5 or Vertical Wreck which we try to dive at High Season one time a Month as a Special Event (5Hours Boat Ride one Way 2 Dives max 42m Deep), all other Dive Sites are Coral Reef Sites, with a lot of hard Corals and Reef Fish, Big Schools of Barracuda, yellow back Fusilier, Snappers and Groupers also sometimes Turtles and if you are the lucky one Wale-sharks up to 6m.

How do i come to your Dive Center?

By Thai Law we are NOT allowed to Pick you up or bring you to the Ferry Pier! As soon you arrive at your Accommodation you can contact us from the Reception or your Room Phone to discuss the details and Pick up times also you can buy a Thai Sim Card for your own Mobile Phone in every 7/11 Supermarket

Do i need to Book in Advance?

We always recommend a Booking in Advance because it makes our Planning easier especially for diving Courses to make sure your Instructor is available and if you do online Bookings 7 Days in Advance you will have the Benefit of some Hot Deals as well.

Where is Chang Diving Center?

Our main office is located at Klong Prao Beach opposite Kong Prao Resort.