Whale shark at Blueberry

Whale shark at Blueberry Koh Chang

Whale shark at Blueberry Koh Chang,


Today we saw again a Whale shark at Blueberry Koh Chang. This Season we was very Lucky nearly every Week we had Whale sharks around Blueberry Hill one of our favorite Dive Spots. On the west coast of Koh Chang.

Also this season 2017/2018 we spotted Whale sharksthis at the HTMS Chang Wreck. The Biggest Ship Wreck in the Gulf of Thailand. Witch got sunk by the Royal Thai Navy. As a Artificial ReefProject. The HTMS Chang is resting on 30m  of depth. She is not only a Atraction for Divers! No, Fishes 😉 and Whale sharks love our Wreck as well.

Many of our Guests

was Lucky to spot the Amazing Whale shark. At Blueberry Koh Chang, the Wreck, Hin Raab or Hin Luk Bat. Most of the Whale sharks around the waters of Koh Chang, are Babys with 4-6m but they are already very impressive.

To Spot a Whale shark or a Manta Ray is every Divers Dream. And it will stay in the Divers Memories for a Life Time. If you never see a Whale shark, maybe its time for you to visit Koh Chang. Take a couple of Dives 😉 maybe you are also one of the lucky Divers which come out of the water with that amazing Smile and a new Life Time vacation Memory.