Apeks XTX Regulator Features

Apeks XTX Regulator Features The XTX Range of regulators caters for both left and right-handed hose routing. The XTX range offers two new features to advance Apeks’ tried and tested regulator designs. The option for either left or right-hand hose configuration and the Diver Changeable Exhaust System (DCE). The XTX regulators can be dedicated to […]

APEKS First Stage Operation DST4

APEKS First Stage Operation DST4 As the only Distribution & Wholesale of Apeks Regulators & Technical Diving Equipment on Koh Chang we offering all the APEKS products including in-house service by licensed APEKS Technicians. Chang Diving Center Co., Ltd. is the authorised wholesaler for Apeks on Koh Chang. Dry-Sealed Turret 1st Stage In the unpressurised […]

The way of a SCUBA Diver

Have you ever been Snorkelling in your Holidays? Did you enjoy the Water, swimming around in nice blue waters with all this tropical fishes and corals? And now you think about becoming a diver?

Gas Consumption while SCUBA Diving

We as trained and certified SCUBA Divers learn already at the Open Water Diver Course, to take a close look at our Gas Supply. But are we really aware of our Gas Consumption?

What is NITROX

NITROX is a breathing-gas which contains more oxygen than in normal breathing-gas (Air) 21% Oxygen 79% Nitrogen.