Deep, Wreck & Nitrox Package

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Our PADI | SDI Open Water Diver Course is the World famous entry level SCUBA Diving Course.

The Open Water Diver Certification is most famous, World Wide Recognized entry level SCUBA Diving Course. This Certification open you the Doors into a new amazing and Faszination enviorment.

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The Chang Diving PADI | SDI Deep, Wreck and Nitrox Package
This package is our favorite. The Chang Diving PADI | SDI Deep, Wreck and Nitrox package the most popular Speciality Package ever. You will learn all aspects of Deep, Wreck and Nitrox Diving. This Course Package is made for Explorers. Which like to get the most out of your dive adventures. This Courses in Combination offers you the Best Training Value for Recreational Divers teached by Technical Diving Instructors.

The Training
Your Training Starts with Theory lessons at our Classroom, or if you like to spend less time in the Classroom, there are many eLearning materials, for Specialities available (please contact us for more informations about the eLearning products).

this Package will always start with the Nitrox Course, as this Course is a pure Classroom course. After Completing the Nitrox Course. You will be able to use Nitrox blends up to 40% O2. Use your new knowledge about Nitrox, for your Deep Dives the Following Day.

At the Deep Dive Course you will learn, the appropriate descending and ascending techniques including, necessary Deep Stops and Safety Stops. The appropriate Emergency procedures in Deep Diving. This includes Gas sharing and Deco Simulations.

After your NITROX and Deep Diver Training, we will continue with your Wreck Diving Course where we will teach you special techniques for limited penetration of overhead environments.

Start to be a explorer today! With your Deep, Wreck and NITROX Diving Courses.

Get Ready and learn from the Best!

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