Terms & Conditions

Please be aware that Dive Equipment can not be shipped outside of Thailand!

Discounts on Courses are only valid via online booking and had to be booked at least 7(seven) days in advance.

If you miss this the original prices are taking place!

The courses start at day/time:
Day Trips:

Daily (Fun Diving, DSD, FreshUp, Snorkeling)

Recreational Beginner Courses:

Monday and Friday (Open Water Diver…)

Recreational Advanced Courses:

Monday and Thursday ( Advanced Open Water, Specialyties…)

Technical Diving:

Tech Fun Dives with notice 1 Week Before.

Technical Courses with note 1 Month Before

This is an Agreement between Chang Diving Center CO.,Ltd and you to follow the rules of the Facility: Chang Diving Center CO.,Ltd. While using the Facility’s owned / provided equipment including Dive Gear by Chang Diving Center CO.,Ltd, I will take responsibility for any Loss or Damage which occurs.

I agree to follow safe Diving practices and environmental Awareness.

I will also follow the Instructions of the Dive Staff and Boat Captain ( the Captain is Responsible for the boat and Passengers and he has the final Call on the Boat, which includes Divesites and Canceling trips due to Weather and Safety Reasons ) while Diving. Any valuation of Safe Diving Practice or environmental Awareness the Crew can Cancel your Dive – in that case there is NO REFUND.
I have seen all actual PRICE Lists for Courses, Fun Dives, Cancelation Fees and agree to the terms and Conditions. I also agree that if i am unable or decide to quit any Course or Activity there will be a Charge ( Cancelation Fees ). I also understand that if i Cancel my activity after 6pm the Day before there will be a Fee as stated under the Cancelation Fees.

I understand that if i am Taking a Diving Course that I am not Paying for Certification, I am Paying for the Course and if I do not meet the Certification Requirements my Instructor will not Certify me. If I Can not meet the Performance Requirements of the Training Agency i can continue with my training until i fulfill the Requirements for Certification – further training will incur an additional Fee.

I have read and understood all of the above. The importance and purpose of the rules are both for my safety and my fellow divers.