Hin Sam Sao หินสามเส้า is located just at the West Coast of koh Chang. From the Beach it takes only 20 minutes to the Dive Site. We are actually the only Dive Center which dive this site. But we only go there in Hight Season when our Boat is Mored at the Beach in Klong Prao.

Hin Sam Sao หินสามเส้า are 3 surfacing rocks which you can see on the Surface. There is one Bouy Line attached just on a Pinacle in front, the bouy line is attached to a large Pinacle. The line leads down to a depth of around 5 meters it is Possible to dive down to around 20 meters. There are two different options here you can spend your time exploring the Pinnacle. Where you have some great rock formations and soft corals.

The west side of Hin Sam Sao หินสามเส้า is where you can get a depth of around 16 to 17 meter. Or you can head out over to the 3 main rocks. Where on one side will be the depth of 12 meters. After it gets slowly shallower, if go around the last rock it lead you to, 2 to 3 meters in some places.

Along these rocks. You will Dive across many corals both hard and soft. It’s well worth get closer to the rocks to spot some:

blue spotted Stingray’s or white eyed Moray’s hideing in the spaces. Then you can head back over to Pinacles and level up to top at around 5 to 3 meters spend some time here make your safety stop and finish the dive.