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The Koho Maru 5 Pak1 เรือจม แพควัน was a Japanese Gas Tanker owned by the PAK Line. Originally the Koho Maru 5 Pak1 (เรือจม แพควัน) sunk 25 Aug. 1996 at the west coast of Koh Chang. At the Time of sinking, there was a 10 head crew on the Boat. Only 3 of them survived the disaster. The Koho Maru 5 Pak 1 เรือจม แพควัน sunk in a very heavy Storm at 3.00 at Night. Most of the Crew was sleeping in the main Cabins.
When the Koho Maru was dived first they found the Ship Wreck in a very unusual position. The Koho Maru 5 Pak1 (เรือจม แพควัน) Stand Vertical in the Water with the Bow at 60m on the bottom of the Gulf of Thailand. That the boat Stand vertical. Was a real attraction for divers. worldwide only 2 Ship Wrecks are Staying vertical on the bottom of the sea. Include the Koho Maru 5 Pak1 (เรือจม แพควัน)5.
Recreational and Technical Divers have explored the Koho Maru 5 Pak1 (เรือจม แพควัน). Suddenly the Boat floats up to the surface and drifted into the shipping line. Which brought a great risk for other Ships passing that way. The Royal Thai Navy tuck off the Gastanks of the Ship. And Sunk it again on a different Position in the Gulf. For a Long Time, Nobody was able to find the Koho Maru 5 Pak1 (เรือจม แพควัน).
but suddenly after long research. some Divers got to know the GPS Coordinates of the PAK1 Wreck and started the search again. It is a quiet long Boat ride (5 Hours) from Koh Chang to get there.
Starting this trip at 9 pm at Bang Bao Pier leaving for a Night Dive to the HTMS Chang and heading after over Night to the Pak1 which we arrive around 6 am. After Breakfast, we have our first Dive at Pak1 followed by a second dive and back to Koh Chang around 5 pm. We manage it 2-3 times a year to visit this unique Ship Wreck with a Small Group of experienced Recreational and Technical Divers.
The PAK1 Lies now on 42m of depth nice and Horizontal as she had never done something else.

Category of Diving:

Min. Advanced Open Water Diver, Deep Diver Certified or Tech Diver, Nitrox certified, and very good Buoyancy.

Diving Conditions:

Diving is best from october to April! from May to October the waves and Diving conditions might to rough.

Perfect training location for: