The Koho Maru 5 Pak1 เรือจม แพควัน was a Japanese Gas Tanker owned by the PAK Line. Originally the Koho Maru 5 Pak1 (เรือจม แพควัน) sunk 25 Aug. 1996 at the west coast of Koh Chang. At the Time of sinking, there was a 10 head crew on the Boat. Only 3 of them survived the disaster. The Koho Maru 5 Pak 1 เรือจม แพควัน sunk in a very heavy Storm at 3.00 at Night. Most of the Crew was sleeping in the main Cabines.

When the Koho Maru was dived first they found the Ship Wreck in a very unusual Position. The Koho Maru 5 Pak1 (เรือจม แพควัน) Stand Vertical in the Water with the Bow at 60m on the Bottom of the Golf of Thailand. That the boat Stand vertical. Was a real attraction for divers. worldwide there are only 2 Ship Wrecks Staying vertical on the Bottom of the sea. Include the Koho Maru 5 Pak1 (เรือจม แพควัน)5.

Recreational and Technical Divers have explored the Koho Maru 5 Pak1 (เรือจม แพควัน). Suddenly the Boat floats up to the surface and drifted into the shipping line. Which brought a great risk for other Ships passing that way. The Royal Thai Navy tuck off the Gastanks of the Ship. And Sunk it again on a different Position in the Gulf. For Long Time Nobody was able to find the Koho Maru 5 Pak1 (เรือจม แพควัน).

but suddenly after a long research. some Divers got to know the GPS Coordinates of the PAK1 Wreck and started the search again. It is a quiet long Boat ride (5 Hours) from Koh Chang to get there.

We Starting this trip at 9pm at Bang Bao Pier leaving for a night Dive to the HTMS Chang and heading after over Night to the Pak1 which we arrive around 6am in the morning. After Breakfast we have our first Dive at Pak1 followed by a second dive and back to Koh Chang around 5 pm. We manage it 2-3 times a year to visit this unique Ship Wreck with a small Group of experienced Recreational and Technical Divers.

The PAK1 Lies now on 42m of depth nice and Horizontal as she had never done something else.

Prerequirements for a PAK1 Trip:

Min. Advanced Open Water Diver, Deep Diver Certified or Tech Diver, Nitrox certified, and very good Buoyancy.