Koh Chang Dive Sites

Koh Chang Dive Sites

Koh Chang Dive Sites


Welcome to the Koh Chang Dive Sites just in front of the island. The Spots offers Diving for every level of expiriance. Specially for Diving Courses, from Beginner up to Technical Diver Training is Koh Chang, the Perfect Diving Destination. The Beautiful Coral Reefs offers great variations of Soft and Hard Corals and all Kind of Reef Fish.

The most Dive Sites around Koh Chang have a everage Depth of 14 msw, and great marine Life. The Reefs it self are still healthy. And not affected by Coral Bleaching, like in many other parts of Thailand and Australia.

Big Fish is difficult to find as they are mostly more fahr outside the Reefs. But a frequently visitor of our Dive Spots is the friendly Wale shark. Even they are only baby’s with a length of around 5 m they are very impressive and beautiful visitors of the Koh Chang Dive Sides.

The best time to visit Koh Chang

The best time to visit Koh Chang is in between October to April, but we at Chang Diving operating all year around. The Visibility at the Coral Reefs of Course is affected by the Weather, Waves and currents and is in between 5m up to 40m which is absolutely fantastic for the Gulf of Thailand.

also our High Season Schedule allows you to dive 4 days in a row without diving one Dive Site 2 times. But even you dive one spot twice you will never explore all off the big Dive Spots.

The Chang Diving Team Welcome You on our Boat and is Happy to interduce you to our Beautiful Dive Sites at Mu Koh Chang National Park.

The Boat Schedule High Season
Weekday Dive 1 Dive 2 Dive 3 Max Depth to Average Depth Diver Level Sepcs Possible Average Viz.
Monday HTMS Chang Hin Raap South Blueberry Hill 30m – 13m Wreck Diver, NITROX Diver, Deep Diver 10m to 30m
Tuseday Hin Luk Bat Hin Raap North Hin Sam Sao 18m – 10m Deep Diver, NITROX Diver 5m to 25m
Wednesday HTMS Chang Hin Rua Tek Hin Luk Bat 30m – 6m 10m to 30m
Thursday T11 Hin Raap South Blueberry Hill 18m – 12m UW/Navigation, NITROX Diver 10m to 30m
Friday HTMS Chang Hin Luk Bat Hin Raap North 30m – 10m Wreck Diver, NITROX Diver, Deep Diver 5m to 30m
Saturday T11 Secret Reef Hin Luk Bat 18m – 10m UW/Navigation, NITROX Diver 5m to 25m
Sunday Blueberry Hin Luk Bat Hin Raap North 18m – 10m 5m to 25m
Special Trip PAk 1 Wreck   KOHOMARU 5  JAPANISE GAS TANKER Sunk 25Years ago 5 Hours  Boat Ride from Koh Chang Start 2am back 5pm 42m – 30m Advanced Diver, Deep Specialitie, Must be NITROX Diver, Tek Levels 5m to 50m Possible

The Boat  Schedule can change depending on weather conditions.

The HTMS Chang is a Deep Dive Site for Advanced Open Water / or equal, or Higher. Open Water Diver are allowed to dive the HTMS Chang in Combination with a Adventure Deep Dive. Which counts towards the Advanced Open Water Diver Course.

To Dive the PAK 1 you need to be at Least: